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Illustration of 3rd lvl nightmaren Verols made for mayurasan's ABCs of NiGHTS project!

Thank you for letting me participate!

Eoleo to match the Amiti one I did earlier. I wish to draw Sveta next time.

It’s… not as good as I hoped it would turn out. Made him a tad too old? He has a round baby face… *grumble-grumble*

While AA:Sketchpad is fun to use it’s not really time efficient…

A little glorified doodle of Amiti. Colouring was inspired by Anna Dittmann’s works. 

Tried to give him Thai-like features, idk how it turned out.

Twitter sketches and wips 4.

Twitter sketches and wips 3

Tiny Green from the ask.

Ree from the ask.

Ask replies!

I noticed I had a little bit of a PM reply-lag… I’m sorry!!

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Some Pearl doodles. Today was not a good day for drawing (edit: the weather was rather killing)

Portrait commission for Autumn! Their OC June!

Thank you so much!

The commissions are open for the whole summer!

Sketch commission for capnjamesman. Boltaire and Leonite from “Boltaire: The Lightning Child”!

Glad I was able to draw your characters again!
Thank you so much! (゚▽゚*)

Kuyavian Pomeranian ;)

I’m.. quite proud of this! ;v;

Asher Kendrell.

Wanted to practice some more rendering with Loish-like backlights.

(Now that I think about it, I should have picked the older Kendrell - more fun with wrinkles on skin and colour variations on the white hair (*´▽`*) ) 

I’m sorry that the stream quality dropped to hell last night…